The sound is set up in sections and Edit FairLight

The SOUND in Edit

As standard Media import files to the program.

2 or more audio tracks

In section Edit — in the time-line periactive video and audio (with this you can create 2 audio tracks by dragging audio 1 under others). This is done for example in the case if you have VoiceOver goals and you have to put music as a background accompaniment.

Every audio track you can label as you wish by simply clicking on it with the mouse and by typing in the corresponding name.

The types of noises

It is necessary to divide audio:

  • Synchronous (audio corresponds to what is on the frame)
  • Background (General sound atmosphere) — example of urban noise, the sound of rain, the sound of the ocean.

Usually done on 1 track for each type of sound for easy sound production.

The volume of tracks

Each track can be customized to your volume level for the optimal combination. This is done using the top right tab Mixer

Further to the right to raise/lower the volume:


Using multiple auditorium together can temporarily make one of them the presenter, or Vice versa drown out the other. This is done through the configuration of S and M. While putting on autodrome — S will sound solo (this track) M — it will drown out the track.


The sound at the end can make fadom that he would be muted/missing at the end (or Vice versa gradually increased its volume).

The sound in the FairLight

This is a separate tab in DaVinchi Resolve is exclusively designed to work with audio (in fact duplicates the settings from Edit)

At the top settings there

  • Media Pool (for audio)
  • Libraly Effects (effects library for audio)
  • Index (Sami audio tracks)
  • Sound Libraly (sound library connects the folder with the files through the add libraly)
  • ADR (voice section)

Top right are tabs:

  • Mixer (sound, value, S and M), there is also a section Dinamics
  • Meters (volume of all tracks)
  • Metadata (information about a specific audio)
  • Inspector (customize sound)

A few things about EQ and Dinamics

In the Mixer there is settings EQ and Dinamics open on click:

When you click on EQ opens the following window equalizer:

Here it is possible to cut low and high frequency from 0 to 16 kHz.

When you click the mouse Dinamics opens another window:

Compressor — boosts the intensity of a sound as loud sounds are made quieter and sound between loud and soft sounds is less dynamics.

  • First tweak gromoll in Ratio and Threshold
  • Then using Make — UP- increase the sound overall

To turn the compressor click on it with the mouse (in this case we have a curve sound)

On the right also has an easier option — Limiter.


DaVinchi Resolve makes it easy to do the mixing of audio tracks.